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Bookmark 'Sort by Title' bug?
~Gus Brekroplopettu 01/27/2004 06:56 PM
Notes Client 6.0.3 Windows XP

Can anyone confirm this Notes 6.0.3 behavior (which I've seen on several machines):

In the Notes Bookmark Bar, open a folder (I use "Databases") that has MANY bookmarks. Notice roughly how many bookmarks there are, especially bookmarks with titles in near the end of the alphabet. Then Select Sort by Title. How many bookmarks are in the the resulting sorted list?

In my tests the Databases folder that has lots of Notes database/view/doc bookmarks (more than 100, probably), they are all visible with Sort by None. But with Sort by Title, only about half the total bookmarks are displayed. The bookmarks are in order by title, but the list is truncated. This suggests there's a hard limit on the number of bookmarks displayed in Sort by Title, while in Sort by None mode there is no obvious limit.

Refreshing, compacting, etc don't have any affect. I think the sorting code (or maybe an array used to store the list) has a limit. Testing the hard-limit theory, if I delete a bookmark from the list, another bookmark, the next in sort order, immediatelyappears at the bottom of the list. Delete two booksmarks, and the next two in alpha-order appear.

Maybe Sort by Title was never tested with MANY bookmarks?

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